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We’re sure your company has collected a ton of software over the years.

Maybe you have a Wordpress site or some custom CRM system hosted in the cloud. You might be using specialized software to collect inquiries online, or using a logistics platform to streamline your efficiency.

Some of your software might still be working out great for you. But what about the others that have aged, and are no longer effective?

Do you upgrade? Replace them? Is the original developer still even in business?

Not to mention that while some of your software is becoming obsolete, your business is continuing to grow!

You’re entering new markets and battling new competitors.

Can you handle having outdated software in such a competitive landscape?

Especially during a time when technology literally makes or breaks the success of companies?

If you’re concerned whether your software is up to the task, and thinking about it just stresses you out...

Don’t let it.

We’re here to help you.

The Colladeo team will take a deep dive into the code your business currently depends on.

We’ll analyze your entire codebase, examine integrations, and come up with the answers you’re looking for, with solutions that will work to boost your company’s efficiency.

Expect concrete insights and recommendations tied to your business objects, a report of your current software and integration states, and a readiness evaluation of your software’s ability to handle future obstacles

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Discover Opportunities

You’re in charge of securing your business’s future. We’ll show you how to give it the best chance.

At Colladeo, we analyze your business processes, workflows, and operations.

We talk with you about your pain points, then we discover ways to overcome them.

We provide you with new automation propositions you can leverage to fix what’s not working, and improve what is.

Plus, we give you the ability to do more.

With new software, you’ll have the magic you need to increase efficiency in ways you didn’t think possible.

Here are just a few of the many areas we find opportunities to automate:

  • Sales – How are leads arriving at your doorstep? Which channels are they coming from? And how can your reps always be on top of your lead pipeline to convert as many prospects into customers as possible?
  • Service – What are the processes involved in your service’s delivery? Are your methods fast? And do they result in successful outcomes for your customers?
  • Contact Center – Are your customers always getting the support they need? What are the best ways they can reach out to you? And do your service reps have the tools at their disposal to properly satisfy customers?

Our solution-focused propositions will be tailored to fit into your budget, and mapped to specific, measurable outcomes.

You’ll get a detailed plan of action where each discovered opportunity is matched with a definitive solution that has a clear benefit & ROI.

Some consultancies call these “specs.” We don’t...

Here, we prefer working software over overly-detailed documentation that’s often bloated, needless, and in many cases, pure speculation.

Instead, we deliver you a roadmap rooted in measurable outcomes – the most important thing for your business.

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Custom Software

To sum up Colladeo in one phrase: we deliver code that matters.

Our code accomplishes goals the right way, and does this very, very well.

If you’re looking for a web or desktop application with custom integrations and cloud services, you’re in the right place.

Instead of “coding against a spec,” which we believe is a recipe for disastrous outcomes, we like to get involved in the process as early as possible...

So that we can apply all our analytical might to help you discover beneficial opportunities for software automation.

See our discover opportunities section for more info on what this means.

Together, we decide on a scope that’s driven entirely by discovered opportunities, and come up with a fixed quote that we guarantee will be a mere fraction of your ROI.

Then, we deliver you code that will improve your business operations forever.

See our process in detail to understand how we work.

We build primarily on Microsoft technologies. Web apps are hand-crafted using ASP.NET Core and run in the Azure cloud. Desktop apps are coded using WPF, with the up-to-date design language made for Windows 10 and beyond.

Other technology stacks used include Node.js, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL. Plus, we regularly contribute to open source project we love using.

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