Colladeo is a fully remote, lean operating software consultancy founded by Tomas Kohl.

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Our Ethos

We intend to stay lean operating - and fully remote - forever.

Because we believe in the value of remote work, allowing team members to perform productively without needing to sacrifice work-life balance.

We plan to grow our team to around 20 highly skilled software engineers, with a specific emphasis on business automation.

Our craft is cultivated internally while aiming to achieve technical mastery, both to serve our own developer-driven satisfaction and our clients’ needs.

There’s no tribalism or cult-like attitude here. No politics and no focus on ‘hot button’ issues that, in reality, have no impact on the work we do.

The tools we use—our languages, frameworks, and platforms—are harnessed to create value for our customers... not squabble over minor details!

Every Colladeo team member takes part in all aspects of delivering projects to our customers.

Our Future

At Colladeo, we don’t believe in the artificial barriers that have been established between programmers and non-programmers.

Our programmers have the analytical skills and industry know-how to work as equal partners in discovering effective solutions for the various software automations we offer clients.

This means we don’t have any account or project manager positions that stand in the way of your ability to produce awesome software.

Here, our developers are our company.

Think our culture may be a good fit for you? Reach out—we’d love to hear from you!

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