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About the Founder

Hey, I’m Tomas.

From the moment I wrote my first line of code on a ZX Spectrum clone as a kid growing up in former Czechoslovakia...

BOOM. I was hooked.

Since then, I have worked with dozens of businesses of all sizes on delivering code that matters.

During almost 25 years in software development, I’ve watched businesses make colossal mistakes when contracting a development partner.

They can be boiled down to this: wasting time, money, and energy on trivial matters instead of focusing on the single largest needle mover in their business at a time. The business owners did not benefit from the growing specialization in the field either.

Successful projects I’ve worked on, measurable results, and the outstanding feedback I’ve got from my clients were an eye-opener.

They helped me condense my way of doing things into a proper methodology that’s ruthlessly ROI-centric, strategic, and consultative.

This is why I founded Colladeo.

You see, we’re not just an agency of software professionals.

We’re problem-solvers on a mission to help you get tangible, rapid, and real-world business results.

Tomas, Founder of Colladeo

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