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Increase your sales

Get more leads for your business, and convert more of them into new orders.

We'll integrate them into a single source, available everywhere. You can receive notifications and act while the lead is hot.

Analytics? Sure! Clear graphs and solid numbers that you'll use to take your business to the next level.

Streamline operations

With so many new gigs, managing your shop floor or field techs can be a challenge.

Take advantage of a custom scheduling program that knows your shop by heart and can fit all new orders into your calendars.

Your customers can take advantage of this, too. It will be trivial to hook up an online form to make an appointment.

Delight your customers

Customers want to like you. Make it easy for them.

Everyone expects their handyman to be always available. When you can't, our website can step in!

Things like online accounts, getting status of orders that are in progress, or being able to order some extras - your website can outperform any secretary!

For makers, by makers

Our tools are as sharp and reliable as yours.

Customer successes

See what our customers have achieved with our help

Leads management

Converting leads from many sources into actionable sales opportunities.

A home contracting company needed a system for collecting sales leads and a CRM platform to convert them into sales.

We've built them a dashboard that helps them close 30% more sales than before, while also reducing the number of phone calls it used to take to get the deal.

Customer database

Protecting sensitive financial data in the dental market.

A finance company from the United Kingdom wants to keep its customer data safe, yet easily accessible by authorized personnel.

We've built them a database, which gives them instant access while ensuring that every operation is checked for permissions and audited.

Amazing Voice Inc.

Talent hiring and management

Streamlining the hiring process.

Amazing Voice delivers professional voice-over solutions to Fortune 500 companies.

We made a hiring desk for them so that they could automate the audition process they use to hire voice actors and translators, saving them hours and hours they used to spend emailing with the applicants.


We don't do everything. What we do, however, we do best.

Web applications

When you are on the road, you can take it with you.

Your team can use it anywhere they go, too.

Applications that work in your browser are best for most scenarios where more people will use them at the same time and from various locations.

We make secure web apps using proven technologies on secure platforms.

Desktop applications

The speed and richness of classic Windows programs is still miles ahead of their web counterparts.

For line-of-business applications where everyone using them will be on their Windows PC or laptop, we'll recommend going with the good old "EXE".

It can still follow you around - talk to a remote database, or synchronize with it later once you're back in the office.

Advisory and project management

Separation of powers is a proven concept. We can help manage your software vendor.

Maybe you've out-sourced your application development to a remote team, and things are getting difficult.

We have tons of experience managing development teams, and can guide you through the process end-to-end.

Our customers speak

We are committed to your happiness 100%.

Work was completed in a very reasonable time frame and quality was top notch.
Absolutely excellent experience with Colladeo - I could not be happier with the work done!

Work was completed in a very reasonable time frame and quality was top notch.
Absolutely excellent experience with Colladeo - I could not be happier with the work done!

Best developer I have EVER worked with. Understood the brief without having to ask many questions, delivered a near perfect working application on first release, and was an absolute joy to work with.
- LEE B.

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